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Environmental Educational Tours for Students

Environmental Educational Tours for Students provide hands-on learning experiences, promoting environmental awareness and sustainability

Team Jamaica Training for Commities involved in STEA's Eco-tourism outreach program

The goal is to empower members with the skills needed for sustainable tourism development, ensuring a balance between tourism growth and environmental preservation in Jamaica.

"Evaluating Ecotourism Feasibility in Cockpit Country for Biodiversity Conservation"

Assess natural and human resources in Cockpit Country communities and Evaluate feasibility of ecotourism for biodiversity conservation.

The Cockpit Country Lanscape

Unveiling the beauty and wonders of Cockpit Country through captivating exploration

Concial Hills

Concial Hills in Jamaica's Cockpit Country are distinct geological formations, featuring rounded hills with conical shapes. Formed through karst processes, weathering, and limestone dissolution over millions of years, these hills stand out in the limestone terrain marked by sinkholes, valleys, and mogotes. The conical shape is a result of the unique dissolution of limestone, contributing to the captivating beauty of the Cockpit Country's karst topography

Sinkholes and Caves

Sinkholes and caves in Jamaica's Cockpit Country are geological wonders shaped by the dissolution of limestone bedrock. Rainwater, slightly acidic, percolates through the limestone, creating underground voids. Over time, this process forms sinkholes, while larger voids give rise to expansive cave systems. These karst features not only contribute to the unique landscape but also play a vital role in the region's hydrology, showcasing the dynamic geological processes that have sculpted the Cockpit Country over time.

Aquifers and fresh water system

Aquifers and Freshwater Systems in Jamaica's Cockpit Country are essential geological features shaped by the dissolution of limestone bedrock. Rainwater, slightly acidic, percolates through the limestone, forming underground voids and contributing to the creation of aquifers. Over time, this dynamic process sustains freshwater systems vital for the region's ecosystem and communities. These geological formations play a crucial role in the Cockpit Country's hydrology, showcasing the intricate balance of nature within this unique landscape

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My experience visiting the cockpit country in trelawny was awesome... It was very adventerous, experiencing a hand to hand dance with nature was not expected literally the trail was rough but with the helping hand of the tourguides it was quite easy, this was a very fullfilling experience which i enjoyed very much ... The cockpit country is quite vast in its landmass and the nature was very resilence as it displays solitude,strength and beauty.

Breanna Harrison

Thanks to STEA we had to opportunity to have a wonderful tour of cockpit country. Our guide Ainsworth, was incredibly knowledge about the area and is obviously passionate about the whole ecosystem in Jamaica. The tour also includes some caves and swimming in the river and waterfall which was very refreshing and great funp>

Maria & Mark


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