Cockpit Country
Adventure Tours

Is an ecotourism enterprise, offering package tours in Cockpit Country
landscape. Visitors can participate in recreational & experiencial tours
within the landscape without leaving environmental footprihnts.

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Adventure Idea!

We offer Hikiing, Bird watching, Nature exoloration and community interaction that allow visitors to emmerse themselves into Cockpit Country landscape. There is and educatonal programme for students primary through teritary. All packages can be customised to meet the special needs of guests and students.

Cockpit River Rapids Experience (Coming soon)

It 's a trubutary of the Martha Brae River and the water rolls over lime stone rock creating the ambiance for relaxation, revalry and recreation. Hike along the conical hillocks under the green over hanging cannopy hear the cherping endemic bird species as they welcome you to the therapeutic flowing waters. Become emmersed into the landscape and strole across the flowing waters. The local guides have stories to tell and while peace and tranquility engulfs you. We will serve you refreshments to make the experience come alive.

Bird Watching

There are 31 endemic Jamaican bird species to see in Cockpit Country and several migratory species depending on the time of year. At the crack of dawn they are out to feed and our guides will help you spot them and fill in the gaps regarding their habits and habitats.We go for3-4hours to ensure you have the full duration of their morning outing before returning to their nests. What an amazing landscape to watch them fly and flop their feathers against the greenery


It is a trek from the north ot south east Cockpit Country starting at 700ft and ending at 1600ft. You see the undulating landscape, rare and endemic species, learn about medicinal herbs, appreciate the unique ecology and our guides provide historic anicdites on the history and cultural traditions. We start at 7.30am and 4-5 hours later we end the oneway trek.

Cockpit Country Nature Experience

The unique Cockpit Country provides an opportunity to explore the unknown. It is all about navigating through of a weathered white limestone landscape that produces conical hillocks, sink holes, emerging stream, and waterfalls. Then you enter the caves to see the facinating architecture, nocturnal specise and to witness the unusual life forms. Then there is the fresh water river system to wander across and interact with farmers in the local community. Our Guides make the experience special and address you curious concerns. .