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General Introduction

Jamaica’s last remaining wilderness, Cockpit Country is a rugged, natural paradise located in the heart of the island.  Hundreds of species found nowhere else in the world make their home in Cockpit Country and its unique geology has created countless caves, waterfalls and towering cliffs for visitors to view and explore.  The 73,000 Jamaicans in 66 communities living in and around Cockpit Country have created a cultural heritage whose warmth and friendliness is unparalleled.  As the location of many of the first Maroon settlements and the battlefield and ally for Maroon fighters in Jamaica’s earliest independence struggles, Cockpit Country is one of the final bastions for the old-time culture of the Jamaican countryside, which is disappearing in today’s modern world.  The rich heritage and natural history is kept alive today in crafts, food, art, music and humanity of Cockpit Country’s residents.  Experience authentic Jamaica with Cockpit Country Adventure Tours.

Explore one of the world’s most unique natural areas through Cockpit Country Adventure Tours.  We offer unique and exciting outdoor adventures for all ages and experience levels.  Take a relaxing hike into Cockpit Country on the Burnt Hill Nature Walk.

Bring out your binoculars and lists to a birdwatcher’s paradise, where the possibility exists for spotting 27 of Jamaica’s 28 endemic bird species along with other non-native residents and migrants.

For the more adventurous head into Jamaica’s underground world and explore one of the island’s hundreds of caves then relax along the banks of the Mouth River, where you are surrounded by the sights and sounds of Cockpit Country.

Take a relaxing hike into Cockpit Country on the Burnt Hill Nature Walk.

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