Quashie River Sink Cave Exploration

One of the most beautiful and majestic of Cockpit Country’s nearly 300 caves, where Cockpit Country’s waters have over eons carved out massive glistening walls, is Quashie River Sink Cave. The excitement of this exploration begins immediately with an exhilarating 150 foot climb where ropes and small hand-rails are required just to reach the cave entrance. The entrance of the cave is guarded by 20 foot waterfalls and crystal-clear swimming pools as the ominous black mouth of Quashie Cave beckons only the bravest to enter its depths. Once inside visitors are treated to walls and ceilings glistening with minerals, spectacular stalactites and stalagmites, boulders as big as cars and roaring waterfalls. Deeper into the cave crabs and other small creatures that live in complete darkness scurry through the waters and past visitor’s feet. At the farthest point of the tour guides turn off all lights and allow those that have entered Quashie Cave to experience a darkness so deep and unfathomable it has guests begging to turn the lights back on. This tour is physically challenging and recommended for experienced outdoor adventurers. Professionally trained tour guides ensure the safety of visitors to this highly challenging tour. After the tour visitors will experience local Jamaican cuisine at Virgo’s Restaurant in Albert Town then wrap up the tour over a cold Red Stripe at Atarus Pub.

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A climb over huge boulders leads into the mouth of Quashie Cave.

Experienced guides aid adventure seekers with the thrilling descent into Quashie River Sink Cave.

An old pump house sits at the entrance to Quashie River Sink Cave.

Visitors make their way through the mouth of Quashie.

CCAT guides point out some of the unique rock formations that can be found inside Quashie River Sink Cave.

After an exciting tour explorers make their final climb out of Quashie.

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